Vince Wilson is an expert on the use of scientific technology in paranormal investigations, and has authored two books on this subject. He is currently curator of The Haunted Cottage, a paranormal museum and training facility in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia. Vince is a certified clinical hypnotist, and founder of the Baltimore Society for Paranormal Research. He serves as the official AIP representative for the Mid-Atlantic region, and is an authorized instructor of AIP Parapsychological Field Investigator courses and workshops.



Dr. Theresa M. Kelly is a parapsychologist and metaphysicist, and is the President of the University of Alternative Studies, which offers interdisciplinary education with a focus on scientific parapsychology and paraphysics. She also serves as Director of Psychical Research and Development at QPPResearch, a research and development organization in the field of consciousness studies. Since 1998, Dr. Kelly has pioneered techniques in the fields of psychical research (psychical profiling/personality parapsychology), paranormal investigations, and spiritual counseling, and developed the Psychical Profiling Assessment (PPA) for use by clinicians counseling individuals reporting extrasensory experiences. She is the author of various technical papers on parapsychological topics and six books including: Clinical Parapsychology: Extrasensory Exceptional Experiences, Classification and Statistical Manual of Extrasensory Experiences, CSM-EE, Empathy: A Quantum Approach, Telepathy: A Quantum Approach, Clairvoyance: A Quantum Approach, and Quantum Psychics: Scientifically Understand, Control, and Enhance Your Psychic Ability. Prof. Kelly is a Professional Member of the Rhine Research Center (RRC), and the Metaphysical Society of America



Dr. Barry Taff serves as an AIP director. He earned his doctorate in psychophysiology with a minor in biomedical engineering from UCLA. He holds six medical patents. From 1969 through 1978 he worked out of the former parapsychology laboratory at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute as a research associate where he studied telepathy, precognition, and remote viewing as well as poltergeists, doppelgangers and UFOs. Dr. Taff’s research has been published in numerous journals, periodicals, magazines and books over the last 25 years. He has been the principal investigator on more than 3,500 cases of poltergeists and hauntings, one of which became the bestselling book and motion picture, ‘The Entity.’


Dr. Robert Young Ph.D. Imhs.M Imhs.B

Dr. Robert Young Ph.D. Imhs.M Imhs.B has a certificate in parapsychological studies, a Ph.D., Masters and Bachelors in metaphysical humanistic science specialising in anomalous research and parapsychology from Thomas Francis University, diplomas in psychology, quantum theory, egyptology and is also a field investigator for MUFON. He specialise in apparitional experiences, hauntings and poltergeist infestations spontaneous cases and research ufological experiences associated with parapsychological experience. Dr. Young authored the books: Parapsychology, Ghosts and Hauntings (2015) and recently Apparitions, Hauntings and Poltergeists (2021). He is founder of The Office of Parapsychological Studies, the British Ghost Society and The Office of UFO Research here in the UK and a member of the prestigious Ghost Club in the UK.

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