The AIP is a non-profit research and educational organization. Our studies enable us to gain greater understanding about the anomalous aspects of human experience. We are interested your paranormal experiences. Send an email to AIP now! Submit your recent experience!

Research within the Institute covers all topics within parapsychology including (but not limited to):

Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), Psychokinesis (PK), Post-Mortem Survival (PMS), Apparitions, Hauntings and poltergeists, Hypnosis, Paranormal dreams, Psychic criminology, Out-of-body and near-Death Experiences, Mediumship / Channeling, Personality characteristics associated with paranormal belief and experience, Cults and occult practices, Altered states of consciousness, Dissociative states, including dissociative identity disorder, The psychology of psychic readings, The psychology of superstition, Hallucinations, Sleep-related disorders, including sleep paralysis, Religious experiences and religious beliefs, Critical evaluation of specific paranormal claims, The media and the paranormal, Psychic healing, Alternative and complementary medicine, Astrology and other divinatory techniques, Reincarnation, UFOs and alien abduction, Possession and supernatural assault, Dowsing.


AIP conducts courses on parapsychology, aimed at the general public. AIP maintains a library specializing in parapsychology, abnormal psychology and occult / mystical studies. This collection includes several hundred books, audio-visual materials and issues of the main parapsychology journals.


AIP provides a consultation service for those experiencing disturbing or frightening paranormal events, or those who wish to explore psychic development techniques. Many regular physicians and psychotherapists neglect the authenticity of psi-related experiences. To fill this gap, we are preparing special courses and texts to improve expertise in this field. We consider this development a step towards the integration of parapsychology with more regular disciplines.

For a nominal fee, AIP offers information and counseling for people with unusual experiences. The Institute responds to all informational requests concerning anomalous phenomena and the status of scientific research in the field of Parapsychology. Individual consultations are possible for people who have experienced unusual phenomena. These consultations may be conducted by telephone, email, or take place in person in the Institute’s office in Gainesville, Florida.

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With regard to media requests, our policy is to confine the appearance of staff members to news programs, scientific programs, and other programs which allow for serious attention to the topic with ample time. As an indirect consequence of this policy, some psychics, psychic healers and “talk show personalities” are mistakenly thought of as “parapsychologists” by the general public. There is a certain advantage in this, however, in that we are not called on to predict the main events of the next millennium, or to amuse the public in cheap discussions with skeptics.


The Institute responds to requests for information from the public, institutions and mass media regarding topics such as the phenomenology of anomalous phenomena, the status of international Parapsychology research, questions about literature or training in this field and so forth. The reference library will be open for general use at the AIP center.

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