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Parapsychology involves a wide variety of established disciplines: anthropology, religion, philosophy, medicine, psychology and physics, to name just a few.  Although psychic phenomena have been studied since the beginning of time, parapsychology is still at the dawning of its potential as a scientific endeavor.

The American Institute of Parapsychology is a small organization, continually struggling to function within the limits of a very tight budget. We need you too. The growth of parapsychology depends on the continuing development of a wide and serious interest among the general public. Out of this interest will arise more ideas, more parapsychologists, more research, more fascinating discoveries, and always, more questions.

Persons who wish to assist in the work of the AIP are invited to become yearly donors.

Student Donor: $25.00/year Donor: $50.00/year Supporting Donor: $100.00/year Sustaining Donor: $500.00/year Patron: $1000.00/year or more

Donations and inquiries concerning larger gifts or legacies should be sent to American Institute of Parapsychology, 4131 NW 13th Street, Suite 220, Gainesville, Florida, USA 32609


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