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Parapsychology Certificate Course | The American Institute of Parapsychology

Parapsychology Certificate Course


Course Description:

Have you ever wondered whether there was anything to ESP? What about psychokinesis, survival after death (near-death experiences, haunting, etc.)? Recent polls have found that 50% of the general population believes in at least some aspects of psi – sometimes referred to as the “paranormal.” This course will provide you with a critical overview of the issues and facts surrounding psychic phenomena, together with simple experiments, which will give you the background to make up your own mind. Once all five modules are successfully completed, a certificate will be issued by the American Institute of Parapsychology. A one-year membership in the AIP at the associate member level is included with the course at no extra charge. Certified/professional membership is available to graduates of the program.

This course can be completed entirely through home study. Students may work at their own pace, but the recommended completion time for this course is one year or less. Students are responsible for acquiring five text books for use in the course (Cost for purchase: apx $100.00). Text books may also be borrowed from your local public library or through inter-library loan at no cost.

Each course module is completed by reading an assigned text book, and writing a summary/review of the material covered in the text. An open-book quiz will also be assigned for each module to test the student’s knowledge of the course material. Each student must also submit a final project/paper on a parapsychological topic selected by the student.

All students will receive individualized instruction, and will have the opportunity to interact directly with the course instructor via email and/or telephone.


  • Module 1: Foundations of Parapsychology
  • Module 2: Psi and Psychology
  • Module 3: ESP and Psychic Development
  • Module 4: Survival After Death: The Scientific Evidence
  • Module 5: Investigating Hauntings and Poltergeists

PLEASE NOTE: AIP courses are taught at a level consistent with a college-level course. An adequate knowledge of the English language is required. Tha American Institute of Parapsychology is not an accredited academic institution, and no academic credit is awarded upon completion of our courses. AIP courses are intended for entertainment and personal development purposes, and are not intended to provide educational preparation for any type of employment. Certificates of completion are not an academic credential, and should not be represented as such.

COURSE FEE   $ 600.00 USD

Students pay entire course fee in advance (A savings of up to $150)




Students may choose to pay 50% ($350) prior to beginning the course, and the final payment of $350 at the completion of the course. Note: Certificate of completion will not be issued until all fees are paid in full.




Students may choose to pay for each course module separately ($150 per module). Note: Certificate of completion will not be issued until all fees are paid in full.

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