• If you believe your house is haunted;
  • If you are being psychically attacked or drained of energy;
  • if you are having disturbing out-of-body experiences or visions;
  • if your sleep is being disrupted by mysterious forces;
  • if you are experiencing any kind of paranormal crisis –

The American Institute of Parapsychology offers comprehensive consulting services for those who are experiencing paranormal, occult, or unexplained occurrences, and would like assistance in dealing with these experiences. We also offer advice to those who wish to explore psychic development techniques, complementary health and alternative spiritual practices.

Individual consultations may be arranged with Dr. Andrew Nichols by telephone, email, or in person in his office in Gainesville, Florida. The fee for individual consultation is $100.00 per hour, $50.00 per half-hour, or $25.00 per 15 minute session. Initial consultations typically should be one hour in length, although half-hour and quarter-hour consultations are available if desired.


Intuitive consultation with a skilled clairvoyant can be an invaluable resource for insight, clarity, healing, and expediting creative solutions. Dr. Andrew Nichols offers personal, business and spiritual clairvoyant consultations in person, by phone or email on topics including:

  • Insight Into Relationships
  • Insight Into Oneself
  • Health Concerns & Directives
  • Spiritual Directives
  • Business & Career
  • Future Possibilities
  • Concerns with Family & Children
  • Creative Potentials and Gifts
  • Past Lives

Fee:  $100 /one-hour session


Many people are aware of the presence of non-physical energies and beings that can actively interfere with their energy and emotions and also the atmosphere of places such as a house or room. Andrew will conduct a Psychic Investigation on your premises if you are having difficulty with ghosts, poltergeists, or negative psychic energies. Most paranormal disturbances can be cleared during a single visit to your home (45 minutes-1 hour).  Also, he will investigate a home for paranormal activity or psychic problems prior to your purchase. This service will more than pay for itself many times over, and give you peace of mind.  The fee for House Clearing is $150 for the initial investigative visit. A reduced rate is available if a follow-up visit is required. Additional travel expenses apply outside of Alachua County, Florida.


Andrew Nichols offers Past-Life Regression as a tool for deeper understanding and clarity regarding your soul’s purpose. Additionally, regression is offered to help release past life traumas related to present day anxieties. Through a gentle light trance regression, Dr. Nichols will lead you into a past life that you are guided to explore by your higher self. During this exploration, you will be guided to portions of a life that will help you to understand present day relationships, concerns and restrictions.

Appointments for a past-life regression are typically 1 hour in length and cost $100.00 per session. Not everyone is able to be regressed to a past life. At the least, deep relaxation is achieved. Dr. Nichols has regressed more than 1100 clients during the past 30 years, and has achieved a rate of 90% of clients who successfully have accessed a previous lifetime.

Fee:  $100 /one-hour session

Consultation Options


By scheduling and/or paying for any service offered through the American Institute of Parapsychology and/or by communicating with Dr. Andrew Nichols in any fashion, you are stating that you have read this legal disclaimer and these terms of service, that you have had the opportunity to discuss, and that you understand and willingly enter into, agree with, and accept the following:

  1. You are 18 years of age or older.
  2. 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed. By its very nature, working with psychic energy requires the participation of at least one human and humans are imperfect creatures. All information is offered with the sole purpose of illumination, inspiration and edification, but it must be interpreted first by an imperfect human channel and then by the intended recipient. While Dr. Andrew Nichols possesses a high level of accuracy and has a lifetime of experience interpreting the energy patterns he reads, 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Nothing is definite. Your own free will, choices you make, and the nature of life itself can alter the course of your Path. Anyone who guarantees 100% accuracy is being dishonest. Remember: Anything that can be foreseen can be changed.
  3. Any information you receive from any and all communication or consultations with Dr. Andrew Nichols and/or via the American Institute of Parapsychology web site is for educational, spiritual, and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to take the place of any medical, legal, financial, traditional psychological, or other professional advice. While Dr. Nichols takes his work very seriously, he will not accept responsibility for any decisions made or actions taken by anyone based upon consultations or communications with him, or based upon the information contained within the AIP web site. The choices you make and the actions you take are solely your responsibility. You agree to completely hold blameless and absolutely indemnify, Dr. Andrew Nichols, his family, associates, and the American Institute of Parapsychology.
  4. Fees for services must be received prior to your scheduled session. PayPal, credit cards, money orders and cash (at your own risk if mailing) are the only accepted methods of payment.  Personal checks from local (Florida) banks will be accepted subject to collection. Should you need to cancel, please give as much notice as possible. If adequate notice is not given, you may be subject to a cancellation or rescheduling fee up to the amount of the scheduled service. Should Dr. Nichols need to cancel your scheduled service, you will be offered the option of rescheduling that service. If your scheduled service is not rescheduled any payment received will be promptly refunded. All money orders or checks must be made payable to Dr. Andrew Nichols.  Money orders or checks made payable to the American Institute of Parapsychology cannot be accepted.
  5. Any and all correspondence, informational/educational materials, photographs, and video and audio recordings between yourself and Dr. Andrew Nichols and/or via the American Institute of Parapsychology are intended for the purposes of your scheduled consultation and services only. Copyright laws and confidentiality agreements apply. You agree that you will not share, publish, copy, display, archive nor distribute any of the aforementioned without prior written consent from Dr. Andrew Nichols.
  6. Dr. Andrew Nichols may use a visual or audio recording device during communications, consultations, and/or sessions for the purposes of record keeping and to assist in the process of the services provided. These recordings and all other personal information are kept strictly confidential at all times. You fully understand and agree to this.
  7. You have had the opportunity to ask questions and you fully understand and of your own free will choose to enter into this legally binding disclaimer and all stated terms of service.
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