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Dr. Andrew Nichols offers classes in psychic development, parapsychology and psychic science at the office of the North Florida Parapsychology Association in Gainesville, Florida. Workshops and courses cover various aspects of metaphysics and parapsychology including meditation, psychometry, dreams, auras, clairvoyance, ghosts and spirit communication.  Other topics include divination (Palmistry, Numerology, etc.) and psychoanalytic studies. The classes are aimed at interested beginners and no previous experience is required. Full notes are provided.


The fee for individual workshops is $20.00 (USD) if paid in advance, and $25.00 paid at the door on the evening of the workshop. For advance payment using PayPal or credit card, click on the button below. Those wishing to pay by check can mail checks (payable to Andrew Nichols) to:

Andrew Nichols, Ph.D. Executive Center 4131 NW 13th Street, Rm 220 Gainesville, Florida 32609

Please Note: Workshops and classes with insufficient enrollment are subject to cancellation. For further details and the dates of the upcoming workshops, please contact Andrew Nichols.




Ten Tuesday evenings (Level 1 – Basic Mediumship)

The Certificate Course in Mediumship offers you the opportunity to recognize and harness your own psychic abilities. Learn about clairvoyance, meditation, spirit guides, aura reading, psychic mediumship and other techniques. Open yourself to the spirituality within you.

COURSE FEE – $250 for all three 10-week levels if paid in advance (a savings of $50!). Each course level paid separately is $100 per level. Each course level consists of 10 weekly 2-hour class sessions (7-9 p.m). Due to limited space availability, advance registration is required.


Level 1 -Basic Mediumship (10 class sessions – 2 hours per class)

  • Differences between Psychism and Mediumship
  • Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience
  • History of Spiritualism
  • Philosophy of Spiritualism
  • Etheric energy and the Aura
  • Building awareness of the aura.
  • How to read the energy with different methods.

Level 2 – Intermeditate Mediumship (10 class sessions – 2 hours per class)

  • Connecting with Spirit
  • Spirit Guides and Controls
  • Amplifying Spirit connections
  • Evidential Mediumship
  • Ethics of readings
  • Power of prayer and intention

Level 3 – Advanced Mediumship (10 class sessions – 2 hours per class)

  • One to one readings
  • Increasing the evidence of your readings
  • Platform demonstrations
  • Altered states and trance
  • Ghosts and earthbound spirits
  • Spirit releasement and rescue work


Ten evenings, Time: 7-9 p.m. Course Fee $100    Note: Entire course fee must be paid on or before the first class session. Individual classes may not be paid for separately.  How many of us come to find that we have some of the same problems at each job, or we find ourselves with the same type of problems in many relationships? Learn what psychoanalysis can teach you about your personality and potential. psychoanalysis is based on the idea that people are complex and that what makes us unique is our intricately woven thoughts, feelings and beliefs. The ten-week Psychoanalytic Studies course offers the opportunity to investigate personal issues in a unique way.

Each week focuses on a unique way to understand your mental and emotional characteristics, the major influences that affect your life, and the degree to which you are fulfilling your potential. Students will leave the course with their own Jungian Personality Type Profile, and the ability to interpret and achieve insights from it. no healer or intuitive counselor should be without this valuable information. A certificate of completion will be awarded by the American Institute of Parapsychology.


Class 1 – Psychoanalysis History & Theory

Class 2 – Structure of the Psyche – Freud

Class 3 – Structure of the Psyche – Jung

Class 4 – Defense Mechanisms

Class 5 – Complexes

Class 6 – Dreams, Myth & Fantasy

Class 7 – Psychoanalysis & Spiritualism

Class 8 – Psychoanalysis & Parapsychology

Class 9 – Psychoanalytic Methods – Association

Class 10 – Psychoanalytic Methods – Trance & Active Imagination

Disclaimer: The information in this course is for personal development and entertainment purposes only, and is not meant to be a substitute for medical or psychological help. Consult a qualified physician for physical problems, and seek help from a professional therapist or counselor if you have emotional or mental problems.


Course Fee $100    Note: Entire course fee must be paid on or before the first class session. Individual classes may not be paid for separately.  

Learn what Hand Analysis, Numerology, Astrology, Handwriting Analysis and other symbolic sciences can teach you about your personality and potential. The ten-week Metaphysical Studies course taught by parapsychologist and occult scientist Andrew Nichols offers the opportunity to investigate personal issues in a unique way. Each week focuses on a new way to understand your mental, physical and emotional characteristics, the major influences that affect your life, and the degree to which you are fulfilling your potential.

Symbolism discloses information about health, intelligence, sexuality, creativity and intuition, maps the past and present and provides important insights into future events and trends. This course explores mystical arts and sciences through an examination of the languages of Astrology, Hand Analysis, Numerology, Tarot, Graphology, Metaphysical Healing, Dream Interpretation and Past Life Regression. Students will leave the course with their own astrological and numerological charts and hand prints, and the ability to examine and grasp insights from them. A certificate of completion will be awarded by the American Institute of Parapsychology.


Class 1 – Basic Psychic Development

Class 2 – Astrology

Class 3 – Numerology

Class 4 – Hand analysis

Class 5 – Tarot

Class 6 – Graphology

Class 7 – Dream Interpretation

Class 8 – Past-Life Regression

Class 9 – Auras & Metaphysical Healing

Class 10- Spirit Guides



Workshop Fee $20.00 Paid in advance, $25 Paid at door.

Through guided meditation and visualization exercises, you will be using practical techniques for ESP/Psychic Development, including, meditation, psychometry (using objects), pendulum and guided visualization, to give you an edge in making decisions for yourself and others using your “Sixth Sense.” This skill has application in every area of your life. Come to this workshop with current decisions or choices in mind. This workshop is open to beginners and those with previous psychic development experience, or individuals who have already been doing psychic work. (3 Hours)


Workshop Fee: $20 Paid in advance/ $25 Paid at door

The Spirit Release Workshop focuses on helping earthbound spirits to cross-over, or transition into the afterlife. This class is specifically for people that want to learn specific techniques for releasing attached spirits, ghosts and negative entities and energies from people and properties suffering from attachments, hauntings or spirit possession. You’ll learn how to increase your awareness of the presence of ghosts and spirits, and then what to do once you realize that they are present. Attendees will be provided with handouts, scripts and practical techniques for clearing people and places. Individuals with developing psychic abilities as well as anyone involved in paranormal investigations are highly encouraged to attend this workshop. These classes are kept small to allow for questions and participation.  Please RSVP due to limited space availability.


Workshop Fee $20.00 Paid in advance, $25 Paid at door.

Since ancient times, millions of individuals have reported Out-of-Body Experiences. This workshop is designed to give you the opportunity to gain a good working understanding of astral projection principles and mechanics, basic techniques for self-initiating your own astral projection experiences, and the necessary support for taking your out-of-body explorations further than you ever thought possible. Discover why astral projection is the ultimate psychic experience! (3 Hours)


Workshop Fee $20.00 Paid in advance, $25 Paid at door.

This workshop will focus on perceiving and understand the meaning of the glowing energy field that surrounds all living beings. Through guided exercises, participants will learn to sense and interpret the auric field. This workshop will include partner and group work on aura cleansing techniques and assessing the aura of yourself and others. Kirlian energy field photography will also be discussed. (3 Hours)


Workshop Fee $20.00 Paid in advance, $25 Paid at door.

This Aura Workshop is specially designed to enhance the human sensitivity to see and feel the human energy field (aura) and to learn the art of interpretation and healing of the Aura. Note: Students should have some previous experience working with auras or human energy fields, such as attendance at the Basic Aura Workshop, or the Metaphysical Studies Course, Reiki training, Qigong, etc. (2 1/2 Hours)


Workshop Fee $20.00 Paid in advance, $25 Paid at door.

This workshop will help you take advantage of the guidance that is commonly available to us all through our dreams. Solutions to our daily problems and clues about the future can be found in the symbols of our dreams and the events of our daily lives. Recognizing and understanding those symbols gives us guideposts to fulfilling our life’s goals and achieving our success. Participants are encouraged to bring a recent dream which they can share and interpret during the workshop. A meditation exercise will assist you in achieving clarity and guidance. (3 Hours)


Workshop Fee $20.00 Paid in advance, $25 Paid at door.

Have you ever felt an inexplicable attraction, or dislike, towards another person? Have you felt that you already knew someone the first time that you met? Or that a new place you went to felt oddly familiar? Do you have seemingly unfounded passions, phobias, or ailments? Your past lives may hold the keys to these, as well as many other mysteries. The Past Life Workshop covers reincarnation and past life basics: where we came from, where we’re going, why we keep coming back, soul mates and how to recognize what you already remember. You will also experience a guided meditation that takes you back to one or more of your own past lives. Remembering past lives can help heal the current life and gives a better understanding of who you are, why you’ve chosen to be with certain people and the patterns of your life. (3 Hours)


Workshop Fee $20.00 Paid in advance, $25 Paid at door.

Learn the skills of scientific ghost hunting from one of the pioneers of modern parapsychology. This workshop is for those who are serious about learning the proper techniques for conducting a paranormal investigation. This exciting workshop offers lots of practical advice and tips for the beginning ghost hunter including: historical research, interviewing witnesses, essential equipment, recording results, & protection methods. An absolute must for anyone interested in investigations into the paranormal. (3 Hours)


Workshop Fee $20.00 Paid in advance, $25 Paid at door.

Have you been contacted by a loved one who has died? For centuries, we have heard stories about the spirits of dead people appearing to the living. Often, we jokingly refer to them as “ghosts” and write off these accounts as superstition. Yet, 40% of Americans have had an After-Death Communication (ADC). Among widows and widowers the number rises to over 65%. This workshop explores the myths and misconceptions that have created a fear of death in our culture, and offers an extraordinary parapsychological perspective on the dying process. Using interactive exercises, guided meditation and induced after-death communication techniques (IADC), participants will acquire unique tools and techniques for navigating the dying and grieving process. Participants will be guided into contact with the higher realms, where death itself is experienced as simply the continuation of life in another dimension. (3 Hours)


Workshop Fee $20.00 Paid in advance, $25 Paid at door.

We live in a world of thought forms and emotional energies, not all of which are beneficial for us. In fact, we are constantly bombarded by negative and injurious energies. If you are not properly protected from these contaminants, you can be affected spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially. In the Psychic Self-Defense workshop, you will learn scientific ways of utilizing psychic energies to properly protect yourself, your belongings, surroundings and loved ones from psychic attacks, negative intentions, malicious entities and energetic pollution.     (3 Hours)


Workshop Fee $20.00 Paid in advance, $25 Paid at door.

This workshop is ideal for those wanting to learn the basics of Astrology, Palmistry, Tarot, etc. and for those wishing to use divination for psychic development. The workshop also covers basic Crystalomancy (crystal gazing) and other forms of Scrying. (3 Hours)


Workshop Fee $20.00 Paid in advance, $25 Paid at door.

A fascinating introduction to the science, psychology and philosophy of numbers, and the psychic aspects of numerology. Topics include how numerology works and how you can use it to understand your life, your purpose, your destiny and the life lessons you were born to master. The workshop will also focus on how you can use numerology to understand and relate to others in your life including your romantic relationships, family and children. (3 Hours)


Workshop Fee $20.00 Paid in advance, $25 Paid at door.

Spirit possession has been reported throughout human history.  At this intensive three-hour workshop, you will learn to recognize the signs of possession, how to distinguish possession from mental illness, what are the stages of possession, how to cleanse people and places, and avoid the pitfalls and traps of exorcism. (3 Hours)


Workshop Fee $20.00 Paid in advance, $25 Paid at door.

Energy healing is easy to learn, and many human problems deemed to be “psychosomatic” are actually energy body disturbances which can be quickly and successfully treated with energy healing. In this amazing workshop you will discover how to easily and effectively heal yourself and others. You will learn how to instantly tap into the universal healing energy and direct it for maximum results.  (3 Hours)


Workshop Fee $20.00 Paid in advance, $25 Paid at door.

In this workshop you will learn the basic lines and structures in the hand which yield specific information about such areas as love-life, career, finances, psychic ability, health, travel and past-life influences. Some intermediate and advanced techniques will be included. (3 Hours)


Workshop Fee $20.00 Paid in advance, $25 Paid at door.

In this workshop you will receive an overview of information about Angels and Spirit Guides, who they are and why they are with us. We will explore the ways to recognize their presence and how they interact with us in our lives. This is an experiential workshop, in which you will not only receive in-depth information about the topic, you will also learn and practice techniques to help you to connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides. You will also experience, through a unique and powerful guided meditation process, an opportunity to meet with one or more of your personal spiritual support team, connect with them, experience their loving energy, ask them questions and share gifts with them. You will also learn more about communication techniques and how to practice them wisely and safely. (3 Hours)


Workshop Fee $20.00 Paid in advance, $25 Paid at door.

In this informative workshop you’ll learn essential astrology basics, including the glyphs, signs, planets, houses and elements. An overview of how to pull the basics together is also provided. First, you’ll hear about the 12 houses – the astrological mandala. You’ll see how key areas of life, like money, health, love or career, are connected to specific parts of your chart. Next, you’ll go beyond the 12 star signs and discover what really makes each sign tick. Learn about elements and how they affect your life through your chart. Finally, the planets are introduced. You’ll learn their mythology and see how these characters symbolize different parts of yourself. (3 Hours)


Workshop Fee $20.00 Paid in advance, $25 Paid at door.

This workshop will introduce the beginning tarot student to the basic archetypes of the Major Arcana cards, and to familiarize the student with the suit cards and court cards of the Minor Arcana. Preliminary concepts of spread construction and of spread interpretation are included. Students should bring a basic tarot deck. Recommended cards for use with this workshop include the Rider-Waite deck, the Eileen Connolly deck, the Morgan-Greer Tarot, and the Albano-Waite deck. (3 Hours)


Workshop Fee $20.00 Paid in advance, $25 Paid at door.

The use of Color is a truly holistic therapy which dates back thousands of years. Colors have a major impact on our conscious and subconscious minds, and are an indicator of the subconscious linking with the physical realm. The colors a person chooses is a gauge of what the psyche is ready to heal or evolve into. In this workshop you will learn about colors and their healing frequency. Explore how to consciously apply color to harmonize your being, and benefit from the healing properties of color and the impact of color on your daily life. (3 Hours)


Workshop Fee $20.00 Paid in advance, $25 Paid at door.

This workshop provides the psychic practitioner with invaluable insights into successfully conducting a spiritual counseling practice. Topics include the counselor’s obligations to the client, when to withhold unpleasant information, counseling bereaved relatives, discerning a client’s real motives, and how to avoid becoming “vested” in a client. Basic counseling techniques will also be covered. (3 Hours)


Workshop Fee $20.00 Paid in advance, $25 Paid at door.

This workshop will provide psychic practitioners with guidelines on how to work with law enforcement without disturbing evidence, and how law enforcement officials may work with psychics most effectively. Students will learn to strengthen their ability to focus on seeing important crime scene clues as they take the role of psychic detectives in genuine serial cases. (3 Hours)


Workshop Fee $20.00 Paid in advance, $25 Paid at door.

The focus of this workshop is on psychic and metaphysical hypnosis techniques and methods. These practices will be demystified and students will learn the underlying hypnotic principles within many psychic practices including mediumship, Out-of-Body Experience, automatic writing, and crystal gazing. Students will also learn how they can create trance-based rituals to enhance intuition and how to use hypnotic techniques in practical contexts. (3 Hours)

PLEASE NOTE: AIP courses are taught at a level consistent with a college-level course. An adequate knowledge of the English language is required. The American Institute of Parapsychology is not an accredited academic institution, and no academic credit is awarded upon completion of our courses. AIP courses are intended for entertainment and personal development purposes, and are not intended to provide educational preparation for any type of employment. Certificates of completion are not an academic credential, and should not be represented as such.

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