We are interested in learning more about a variety of human experiences, some of which are unusual, but are by no means uncommon in the general population. We are undertaking an online survey to explore individual differences, synesthesia (the tendency for some people to experience two senses together, e.g., colored words or numbers; tasting shapes; spatially organized calendars, etc.), and a variety of anomalous
experiences (for example, extrasensory perception).

We would very much appreciate it if you would take the time to complete this online questionnaire, even if you have never experienced the things described on the questionnaire.

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Please email Dr. Christine Simmonds-Moore if you have any questions about the survey.

Christine Simmonds-Moore, Ph.D.

University of West Georgia,


  • Raven Whitehcpael says:

    My ‘experience’ begun as a child, knowing someone was standing in the hall not far from my room, knowing what I would dream before I closed my eyes – made it impossilbe for sleep. Dreaming of people I have never met, in my mother’s side of the family who wish me to give her messages. BEing able to feel no sense trouble down different streets causing me to take another path home. Feeling when death is near is the most uncomfortable for me. I knew when my best friends father died, I was watching tv waiting for my friend Irv to call, I look up at my mother said, “Oh god, Irv’s fathe just passed.” She remarked with that was a terrible thing to say, and god would not take kindly…. but the phone rang not ten minutes later. He had died. I was right. I have vertigo and sometimes when I am around someone I know will pass soon or if in a place where I pass a room like Hotpital, I know I just know death is near. And lasty, I think, when I touch someone maybe his hand shaking it sometimes I can feel what he did IF he did something immoral or wrong. I usually can tell if someone is telling me the truth or not. Its not always that way but much of the time. And there’s something else, I get pics in my mind horrilbe pic of hurting people or seeing them hurt. This I hate most of all. And sometimes, I feel someone with me. some .. I have no words something dark in a dark place where he refuses to allow me to see his face… but I know he’s in me inside inside me… and If I ever let him out. i’m not sure what i might become. I am not crazy. And one dream I have had since I was 4-5. In this dream I am tied to a tree… black the trees around me are black it is nite… and I hear beast around me circuling me, I can not get free my one arm is tied by a chain sometimes it seems a thick rope. I need the moon to rise to set e free. I know it has risen and I keep trying to bent my head to see it, I know if I see it I will finally break that chair/rope and be free and I will kill the other beast who have me bond. Yet I know in this dream I am the giver of life to these manbeast/shapeshifters… they want me dead but need me. If I get free in my dreams, what will happening in my life. My real life not the dream. I know I will kill them all in my dream. I have had this dream over and over and over… and inside this thing that allows me to feel all I do about death and truth or lies… he wants me to get free. Are the both a dream, is this thing in me which I belive (now at 50yr old) he is not a good thing and he doesn’t belong inside me. And when I am around people he tells me things about their lives or thoughts. I don’t know where that leaves me in your estiamation, crazy? foolish perhaps? Over concerned? That’s all about me am I normal? This feeling of him ‘HIM’ inside hiding in me teling me things is that normal? I’ve been to pscyhartrist in my life they found nothing. I hoped you could. Thank you for listening.

  • Katrina Wedemeyer says:

    Hello, I am interested in taking some of your tests, do they all cost money? Do you ever test anyone for free? If so let me know… Thank you…. Katrina
    San Diego California (619)248-0129 or e-mail me at

  • amanda says:

    it is so good to find a sight that can explain so much about things i have wondered about since i was little. I feel good knowing that i am not crazy and everyone who ever made fun of me really doesn’t matter now. keep up the good research and i will keep reading.

  • udara sachinthana says:

    hi!im very exited about ghosts!

  • Rose says:

    Will the survey be taken again?

  • Trista Bua says:

    My experiences with the supernatural started when I was very young maybe about 5.. I felt a hand hold my foot as I sat in my bed it was very strange so I never said anything. I would see people that weren’t there out of the corner of my eye.. And then it got worse when we moved to a very old house in north port .. I rarely slept.. There was always a feeling of being watched.. Constant foot steps in my room as I tryed to sleep My door would open and close when I knew I had closed it. I usually would put the covers over my head afraid of what I might see, but when I did look hoping I was amagining things there stood a woman in a long white dress as if from the 1800s time, which the house had been built and later found out it had been burnt down and rebuilt .one night I heard a voice that was calling my name over and over . We finally moved and things were quiet for me for awhile but later in my life I had experiences on different occasions up till now every once in awhile. Most recent I’ve had alot since my son was born for some reason. The radio would suddenly go on, a chair moved clear across the room with no one there or any windows open. His toys go off in the middle of the night randomly.. Is it me there attracted to? Why doese this stuff always seem to happen around me? Other people notice it too when there interested life so I know I’m not crazy.. Lol